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The "Sacred Waters" of Mochique and its Importance in the Development of Local Tourism


The centuries-old history of Caldas de Monchique and its "Sacred Waters" dates back to the past when its healing tradition is still present today, not only in local culture but also recognized by the world.

The thermal waters that helps get rid of toxins

Since the Roman times the Caldas de Monchique have played an important role in the region and in society, responsible for pilgrimages of the most diverse social classes, always in search of healing through the specific, rare and even exclusive properties of water.

There are several historical records in Caldas de Monchique, and it is possible to glimpse the different epochs and styles that, in the course of time, have left their marks; step by step we can make a trip to the past through the Roman vestiges, the ancient Bath, the Buvete, the Chapel of St. Teresa, touring the buildings of the Casino and others where today are the various hotel units.

The park adjacent to Caldas, with the Fonte dos Amores, is also a pleasant place for hiking, where several rails are defined, as well as a Maintenance Circuit.

The secret is in the water!

But, in reality, the Caldas de Monchique exist for the presence of an important and very relevant element for the municipality: its water.

With several awards of excellence, “Água de Monchique” was finally able to put itself on the market as a top product, not only for its consumption, but also for the growth that the Thermal Spa has suffered, namely in the area of ​​well-being. More and more people are coming in search of water and their properties, mainly coming from abroad, with the largest Northern European ones.

In relation to the Classic Thermalism, although this business is in decline by the characteristics of the target public, the last years have also been of growth, coming from other Thermal Spas in search of the so famous "Water of Monchique".

The Thermal Water of Monchique takes care of your body and mind

With its cataclysmic pH of 9.5 and its properties rich in Bicarbonate, Sodium and Fluorine, Monchique water mainly applies to Respiratory and Musculo-Skeletal Affections, and also has proven results in the Dermatological area.

Inserted in an idyllic space, the Thermal Spa has developed Wellness Programs that include all the magnitude of Caldas de Monchique, including its activities, as well as treatments, walks and circuits.

Away from the beaches and in the heart of the mountains, Monchique has in its Health and Wellness Tourism service, the most important and exclusive product of the Algarve ...

The water that everyone is looking for, the "Sacred Waters of Mons Cicus" .

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